The mission of WeeeFINer Ltd. is to be a preferred industrial partner en route to sustainable utilization of resources without compromising environment, human or animal health. WeeeFINer is a true Circular Economy company, helping our clients in keeping the valuable materials in the loop. 

The world needs pioneers to move towards a cleaner and safer environment. Digitalisation and the fast-developing information society requires increasing amounts of high-tech materials. This need has led to global shortage of the most critical mineral resources. At the same time, we lose valuable raw materials due to insufficient recover and recycling of materials from various side-streams and waste fractions –  especially electronic waste.

WeeeFINer offers innovative solutions, where the existing production processes are streamlined and the materials are recovered from discarded products. We are confident that in the future, pollutants removed from the waste streams will be considered as a new and essential source for pure metals or compounds. This can be achieved with the WeeeFINer 3D printed scavenger technology (pat. pend.), which allows our clients to selectively recover CRMs and contaminants from material streams.


WeeeFINer Team


Jari Rautjärvi

Chairman of the Board, Doctor of Philosophy h.c.
+358 40 555 0840

Ari Väisänen, Head of Research

Head of Research, Co-Founder. Dr. Ari Väisänen (AV, adjunct professor) at Dept. Chem. University of Jyväskylä is an expert on fields of metal analytics and solution chemistry. He has published 45 articles in international peer-reviewed journals and has h-index of 14 and RG Score 30.38 with about 670 citations.  AV has supervised 60 graduate students, including four completed Ph.D. work (currently six Ph.D. students in his group). AV has participated in the National Technology Agency coordinated COST Action (High Energy Micro-environments) along with 10 other research laboratories to form joint European-wide research consortium directed by prof. Antonio Canals (Univ. of Alicante), within which the ultrasound- and microwave-assisted sample handling were one of the main research topics contributed by AV. In addition, as recognition of his scientific know-how, his laboratory at Dept. Chem. (JU) has reached the status of Perkin Elmer testing laboratory on inductively-coupled plasma emission spectrometer instruments (ICP-OES). AV´s research group has 10 years of experience on studying power plant fly ashes and, within last three years, the research has focused particularly on extraction and recovery of precious and rare earth metals from industrial and waste water, boiler ashes and electronic waste. AV is one of the three researchers who developed the 3D printed scavenger technology for the recovery of metals.


Mikko Hänninen, Ph.D., Technology Development

+358 40 705 3973

Elmeri Lahtinen, Ph.D., 3D Printing and Materials Development